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The Genesee Finger Lakes Chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association is dedicated to enhancing environmental education opportunities of the greater Finger Lakes area.  With the help of your donations, sponsorships, and memberships, we are able to contribute to the following causes:

Scholarship Program

The Genesee Finger Lakes Chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association and the Genesee Valley Chapter of the New York Water Environment Association is pleased to announce that they will awarded $8,000 in scholarships to RIT environmental management students at the 20th Annual AWMA/NYWEA Joint Seminar on February 15, 2017.

Stay tuned for the 2018 Scholarship Program!

Earth Day Grant Program (Application available now!)

GFL A&WMA has been providing Earth Day Grants to the Finger Lakes Region for many years. This year, GFLAWMA will be awarding one or more grants, each worth up to $750, in honor of Earth Day 2018.

Click here for the application: 2018 Earth Day Grant Application.pdf

The purpose of the Earth Day Grant Program is to increase environmental education through Projects that promote 1) environmental awareness and consciousness, and 2) the development of technical knowledge and skills and sustainable environmental practices.  

Please consider applying for a grant and/or distributing the application to others who you think may be interested! Grant applications must be received by February 28, 2018.

Grant(s) will be awarded approximately one month prior to Earth Day 2018, which is Sunday, April 22nd. Questions about the program and submissions of grants should be made to the GFLAWMA Education Chair, Melissa Valle, at the contact information listed below.

Melissa M. Valle; GFL A&WMA Education Chair Attorney at Law; Knauf Shaw LLP; 1400 Crossroads Building ; 2 State Street; Rochester, New York 14614; Tel.: (585) 546-8430 Ext. 109; Fax: (585) 546-4324mvalle@nyenvlaw.com.

The Genesee Finger Lakes Chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association is pleased to announce the following Earth Day 2017 Grant Program recipients:

"Educational Environment Huts" by Wild Wings Inc.  

Wild Wings proposed to build three educational huts to be situated along the main trail to spread science, and environmental awareness and responsibility. The huts will provide information pertaining to wildlife and the natural environmental around us. Signage and hand-on materials and flyers will be available at each hut. Wild Wings volunteers will perform the project work. Park visitors, including school and scout groups as well as the general public, will have educational opportunities from these huts, which will be available for the long-term. The grant funds will specifically go towards building materials and developing the educational materials for the huts.

"Composting for Community at School 33 and the Freedom Market" by Audubon School 33 Green Team & The Beechwood Greenhouse Collaborative (BGC)

The Composting for Community project is a collaboration between the Beechwood Greenhouse Collaborative (BGC) and the leader of The Green Team at School 33.  The purpose of the project is to engage young children in School 33 in researching, designing and building a compost bin with adults (teachers and community members) in order to provide rich compost for the BGC raised bed garden and proposed greenhouses at The Freedom Market.

"Recycling Rangers" by FRES Treehuggers/French Road Elementary School/Brighton Central School District

The student group, the Treehuggers, have initiated a recycling program, Recycling Rangers, and many questions were raised by the student body about the end stage of the recycling process. The Treehuggers seek to educate the student body, and community, with a public relations campaign that includes creating a video on what happens to recyclable materials.

"Phillis Wheatley Food Forest Project – Raised Beds" by Rochester Permaculture Center (RPC) and the Phillis Wheatley Community Library (PWCL). 

This project will build on the existing garden’s raised beds to expand the crops to contain annuals. This is a community-led design process relying on community engagement and emphasizing environmental education (through hands-on activities that will enhance technical knowledge and increase appreciation for the natural environment). This project will both help provide health home-grown foods and educate the community regarding the benefits (both for humans and the environment). In addition to the planting and garden maintenance activities, which provide hands-on learning opportunities, the project will fund monthly educational activities for community members to learn skills relating to sustainable environmental practices.


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